Menopause May Trigger Vaginal Pain

Vaginas should be moist and warm, similar to a lovely hot spring. Similar to hot springs, a subterranean ingredient is required for its existence. Magma is the source of hot springs. For females, it is estrogen. So, what takes place when your estrogen levels decline due to childbirth, menopause, or cancer treatment? The hot springs dry up, or, in this scenario, females experience a genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), also known as vaginal atrophy, which occurs.

GSM is defined as the thinning, dryness, and inflammation of the vaginal wall. This causes extremely bothersome symptoms such as vaginal pain, painful intercourse, vaginal infections, and urine incontinence. However, they are not events you must live with or appreciate.

Evidence-driven therapies like hormone therapy, lotion lubricants in particular and pelvic floor physical therapy are effective, but there are also some new and inventive remedies available.

Remedies for Vaginal pain during GSM

Milli – A vaginal expander to let you relax at your speed

Vaginismus, or vaginal tightness, is a sign of vaginal atrophy. This tightness causes pain during intercourse, yearly pelvic examinations, and even while inserting a tampon. Historically, women were given dilators that increased in size to expand their vaginas. These dilators lack adjustability and increase in size substantially, making the procedure continuously uncomfortable.

Milli is a controlled-expansion vaginal dilator. A yoga instructor once told me, when describing a nice stretch, “Millimeters will take you miles.” Milli allows you to slowly expand the vagina at your own pace and ease. The FDA has also authorized the first and only all-in-one growing vaginal dilator.

vFit: The Latest in Red Light Treatment

Have you ever received light treatment during a facial? Red light treatment increases blood flow in tissue, delivering all of the healthy oxygen and immune cells to areas that may have been lacking. Red light treatments, like forehead or neck rejuvenation, can increase blood flow in your vaginal tissues while also promoting a stronger pelvic floor.

The vFit is an OB-GYN-designed vaginal stimulator that employs six high-powered, UV-free red lights that the manufacturer, Joylux, claims will boost organic lubrication, feeling, and tightness, allowing it to help get your creative juices flowing again in multiple capacities than one.

Ovy Relief: A vaginal suppository

The female reproductive organs contain a high concentration of endocannabinoid receptors. These are receptors that cannabis-based compounds like CBD and CBG can bind to, providing advantages such as pain reduction. Another interesting fact is that the vagina is quite adept at absorbing liquids and medications. So, why not treat the root of the pain?

Ovy Relief is a CBD and CBG vaginal suppository that alleviates pelvic discomfort, including vaginal atrophy. Insert the unobtrusive pill into the vagina, let it sink into the vaginal tissue for 20 minutes, and get eight hours of direct pain relief. Ovy Relief is accessible online and includes a subscription option, removing the agony from your vagina and off your to-do list.

Aquafit – gel adheres to change the vaginal pH

The vagina’s natural acidic environment forms a protective barrier, preventing unwanted microorganisms from causing infection, irritation, discharge, or odour. Vaginal atrophy can alter the vagina’s acidic pH and disrupt the healthy bacterial community known as the flora. Now, balancing your pH may be as simple as a vaginal massage in the shower.

Aquafit Intimate Gel Stick is an all-natural, water-based solution that contains lactic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin C to help maintain a healthy pH and flora. The hand-held gel stick activates when submerged in water, whether in the shower or a glass next to your bed. After introducing the gel-based product into the vagina, contract the vaginal muscles to remove the stick and repeat. This action distributes the therapeutic components, moisturizes deep vaginal tissue, and increases vaginal tissue flexibility (stretching that reduces discomfort during intercourse). The gel sticks last 14 days with daily usage and can be purchased as a subscription.

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