Free Bleeding on Periods: Why Some Menstruators Are Avoiding Period Products

Some people wear normal underwear and apparel throughout this period. Others wear menstrual underwear or period-proof clothes. While they are technically period products, you aren’t going out of your way to stop the bleeding, hence the free bleeding community considers you free bleeding on periods.

Unrelated, free bleeding is not usually an option. It may also be the result of period poverty, or a lack of access to period goods due to financial constraints. Free bleeding because you can’t afford period products differs from purposeful free bleeding for personal reasons. It is a severe societal issue that has been related to mental health issues such as sadness and anxiety, and it has a global impact on people’s health and well-being, particularly those of colour.

What exactly does “free bleeding on Periods” mean?

The free-bleeding period is exactly as it sounds. It occurs when you have your period without using period items such as tampons, menstrual cups, or pads to collect, block, or absorb blood. You just let the blood flow wherever it will.

Why are humans free-bleeding?

People choose to stop using period products for a variety of reasons.

To be natural. Periods are a normal body process, and some believe that using period products interrupts the natural flow of things.

To normalize menstruation. For some people, period products convey the notion that menstrual periods are shameful and should be concealed. No products = less embarrassment.

Protest against the “tampon tax.” Menstrual products are classified as luxury items in several areas, therefore anybody who wants to purchase them must pay an additional tax. Although several governments have repealed the tax in recent years, 20 states still impose the “tampon tax.”

To raise awareness about period poverty. Too many people do not have access to period products, and rejecting them can be a way to raise awareness about the issue and help those who do not have access or cannot afford them.

To help the world. Every year, more than eight million metric tons of plastic garbage end up in the ocean. Most disposable period products are composed of plastic (pads are generally 90% plastic, and most tampon applicators are non-recyclable plastic), which contributes to environmental waste.

Is free bleeding healthy?

Free bleeding is usually safe. Although there is no scientific proof that free bleeding has any health advantages, it may help certain people. For example, if you avoid buying period products, you’ll save money. If you stop using tampons, you reduce your chance of developing toxic shock syndrome (TSS), an uncommon but possibly fatal bacterial infection caused by keeping tampons in too long.

Is free bleeding sanitary?

As one might expect, free bleeding may be messy. Period blood can also spill onto surfaces when you’re out and about. Period blood, like any other blood, can transmit blood-borne infections. These may include:

Hepatitis B may survive outside the body for approximately seven days.

Hepatitis C can survive on dry surfaces for up to six weeks.

Blood-borne viruses are spread when one person’s blood or fluids enter another’s body. So, while it is not strictly impossible, it is highly uncommon for someone to become infected by period blood on a chair. However, if you are bleeding freely, it is important to consider who may come into touch with your blood.

Conclusion, free bleeding in the actual world. It is up to you to go where and when you choose, but it may be a good idea to carry additional clothing or period underwear to reduce the possibility of leaving blood behind. Free bleeding may not be for everyone, but we can all respect doing what we believe is best for our bodies.

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