Influential Women: Past and Present

In order to develop a better future, we must rely on past tales which defines influential women. Where we are now, and frequently who we are, is the result of the impact and efforts of those who came before us. In recognition of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the tales of notable women both past and present. Meet the ladies who inspire other women – modern-day history in the making.

Influential Women and the Process

Which historical woman has inspired? How did her impact affect or inspire?

There are so many beautiful ladies who spring to mind, beginning with my mother and the people around me that inspire me on a daily basis. If I were to select someone from history then:

Frida Kahlo: Her ability to transform her sorrow into art, as well as her strength and defiance of gender preconceptions well ahead of her time, has always inspired.

Shirley Chisholm: she was a force to be reckoned with who never gave up fighting for the rights of women and minorities. She is also Caribbean, like myself, her tale remains a source of inspiration. She fought against the odds, not just for herself, but also for others, in places where she would not have been accepted as a Black woman.

What is the most difficult obstacle females face in developing a brand and business that reflects their female experience?

Since its inception, fashion blogging has been dominated by women and frequently regarded as “superficial,” therefore we felt compelled to demonstrate to the world that women have a significant effect on their purchase decisions and the direction of fashion trends. We are not small girls dressing up; we are women undermining traditional “online advertising.” Focusing too much on other people’s preconceptions about what I do, whether it means not being taken seriously, struggling with impostor syndrome, or simply negative self-talk. It’s easy to get caught up in the cacophony that tries to convince you that your sector or work is frivolous–even if you’re truly building your own path and career on your own or confidential.

What are there things one should know now about becoming a female entrepreneur?

Having always realized that my female friends were not competitors since we all had something unique to give. However, I wish I had known that we were stronger when we worked together and supported each other completely selflessly. Talk to your friends about compensation, particularly minorities. Make sure you don’t undervalue yourself. You’d be astonished at what you can learn from each other. It’s quite beneficial to know how to navigate and negotiate for oneself.

What exactly can we as a group as women, do to better promote and assist the next cohort of women?

Talk to each other about anything. Our strength is in the community. I consider myself extremely fortunate to work in an industry where women outnumber males. I consider it a blessing. We’ve gone a long way, but there’s still much work to be done in terms of female empowerment. To encourage the next generation of women, we might begin by listening intently, just as we wish older women had listened to us as children. We must be the role models we wish we had as children, continually encouraging and complimenting one another. We may also expose wonderful women to each other, particularly for employment prospects or personal development, because we are stronger together.

The value of resilience

Resilience is something we frequently take for granted until it is gone! Perhaps you’re busy studying, working, and living at home, with a small bit of stress, but then something unexpected happens—perhaps money issues, family fights, or sickness.

On reflection, what drives us over the brink may appear simple, but it is the extra or unexpected work. Suddenly, we feel a tremendous amount of pressure, which has most likely been accumulating for months and we were unaware. You can build resilience. There are numerous self-help books and guidelines available, but here are two suggestions that can be useful:

1. Compartmentalize

This strategy was used by some of the successful women we interviewed for our book How to Thrive and Survive as a Working Woman. Essentially, it is about focusing and applying mindfulness to great effect. As one lady put it, “When I’m at home, that’s where my emphasis is entirely. But being in the workplace consumes all of my energy and attention. It seems that’s far superior to attempting to combine both—then I end up doing nothing properly!” Multitasking is often lauded, but it might really cause more difficulties than it solves.

2. Increase your energy levels every week

Unfortunately, striving to achieve too much—achieving the impossible—is what women excel at. However, it can eventually be harmful.

Conclusion, many important women in the globe come from various fields, including politics, business, sports, and the arts. Some of these ladies would freely concede that chance has played a significant role in their lives, but it cannot be the sole explanation. We feel that there are numerous things women can do to increase their influence and authority.

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